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A Global Referendum on American Competence

September 21, 2011

The entire Palestinan affair at the UN is shrouded in uncertainty. There is only one conclusion at which we can comfortably arrive before experiencing the fallout of this week’s events: that almost no member of the international community thinks the US is remotely capable of solving this conflict.

Effective third party mediation allows the two primary parties to a conflict to make progress on substantive issues despite their mistrust of each other, and it helps to keep dialoge focused on practical rather than emotional issues. A mediated, gradual process that allows the parties to build trust in each other is, without a doubt, a better option than having the weaker party unilaterally demand recognition as a state.Unless, apparently, it is an American mediated process.

The American government has been so negligent (and bias) in its role as a mediator, that at least 130 countries, likely including much of Western Europe, are about to put their faith in what should be a far less logical option.

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